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Our Founder- Sandeep Mutti

B.Bus (Acc)

Director, East End Finance

I found I really enjoyed working closely with and helping my clients, though I could also see their frustrations. They would develop a relationship with someone, only to see them leave and have to start again with someone else. At times, they’d experience setbacks or delays, thanks to limited credit policies which saw them struggle to get the finance they needed. So I made the decision to establish an independently owned mortgage brokerage where I could truly service my clients in the way they wanted.

My approach is to provide expert advice delivered with honesty and transparency. No question is too small, and I enjoy helping my clients feel informed and in control. I have an extensive network of contacts clients can draw from, and focus on being there for them today – and tomorrow. My goal is to make every client feel confident about their financial decisions, and my service is a big part of that.

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Sam Quezon

Customer Service Manager

East End Finance

The satisfaction I get from helping our clients reach their goals is unlike any other. From First Home Buyer to Astute investors each client’s needs and requirements are different.

My purpose in this company is to be there for our clients during the process and ensure that their journey with our company is as seamless as possible. If they have any questions or queries I will be there as their point of call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefit of using a mortgage broker over a bank is the increased choice this gives you. A bank will have a limited number of products and credit policies, whereas a broker can have access to multiple – or, in our case, 60 lenders. Other benefits include a more personalised service and more flexibility.
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East End Finance is different thanks to our service. We focus on our clients first and are here for the long-term. We want to build relationships with our clients by becoming a trusted advisor they can turn to now, and in the future.
LVR refers to Loan to Valuation Ratio. The LVR is the amount of your loan divided by the value of the asset. For example, a loan of $400,000 on a $500,000 property has an LVR of 80%. Different lenders have different LVRs, which means that your deposit amount may differ depending on the lender.
There is no cost to you for our service. We are instead compensated by the lender, and how we are paid differs from lender to lender. We are transparent about all fees and the choice of loan is always yours.
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