About East End Finance

East End Finance is an independently owned mortgage broker service run by Sandeep Mutti. Based in Glen Iris, we provide a wide range of personal, investment, and industry-specific loans. Our clients come with a variety of situations but have one thing in common – they’re looking for easy to understand, expert advice combined with personalised service. And this is exactly the kind of service we provide

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Our Vision

Our vision is to empower people to make the right financial decisions to help achieve their life goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the mortgage process easy. Easy to understand and easy to navigate, while being easy to work with.

Our Values

At East End Finance, we put our client relationships first. We understand the big commitment involved with your mortgage, and we look to provide a committed service to go with it. We’re dedicated to finding the best solutions and providing honest advice, while acting as reliable, professional advisors to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefit of using a mortgage broker over a bank is the increased choice this gives you. A bank will have a limited number of products and credit policies, whereas a broker can have access to multiple – or, in our case, 60 lenders. Other benefits include a more personalised service and more flexibility.
Different lenders have different features, including loan-to-valuation ratios, income requirements, pricing structures and more. Having access to a wide lender panel means you have more flexibility and choice. With our access to 60 lenders, we can help you find the best mortgage for your situation.
East End Finance is different thanks to our service. We focus on our clients first and are here for the long-term. We want to build relationships with our clients by becoming a trusted advisor they can turn to now, and in the future.
LVR refers to Loan to Valuation Ratio. The LVR is the amount of your loan divided by the value of the asset. For example, a loan of $400,000 on a $500,000 property has an LVR of 80%. Different lenders have different LVRs, which means that your deposit amount may differ depending on the lender.
There is no cost to you for our service. We are instead compensated by the lender, and how we are paid differs from lender to lender. We are transparent about all fees and the choice of loan is always yours.
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